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The Practical Management Strategies for Avian Influenza and Other Emerging Infectious Diseases Project Steering Group would like to thank the APEC economies for their efforts and contributions to the project. This web site would not be possible without the work organisations have performed by identifying and providing documents, guidelines and case study concepts and for their participation and cooperation at planning workshops.  


In particular we would like to thank organisations which have strongly supported the development of the web site. These organisations include the United States Department of Agriculture, the Vietnam Department of Animal Health, the Thailand Department of Livestock Development, and the Indonesia Ministry of Agriculture.


The Steering Group would also like to thank the OIE and the United Nations technical agencies UNSIC , FAO, WHO and UNICEF, and their regional offices. These organisations play a critical role in zoonotic disease prevention, control and management across the APEC economies and South East Asia in particular. Their technical resources and publications form the backbone of the toolkit website and inform and guide animal health policy makers and technical experts in emergency response operations through to long term strategic planning.

The Steering Group believes users of this website will find the contributions to be an invaluable resource in the containment, control and eradication of emerging infectious diseases such as highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1.

We also acknowledge the contribution and support of
One Health Initiative and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.




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