The best AI tools for business

Best AI Tools For Business

AI can be an invaluable asset to small businesses, helping automate tasks, increase productivity and decrease human errors. Use our selection of AI business tools and make yours better!

AI-powered tools can assist with writing better content, analyzing sales data, and recording meetings more efficiently. Tools like Jasper are AI-powered copywriting solutions designed to streamline and expedite writing workflow.

1. Zoho Zia

Zoho Zia, powered by ChatGPT's AI assistant technology, can become your invaluable business companion. She allows you to search and locate information quickly, take notes as you dictate, make predictions based on data analysis, keep tabs on trends, automate workflows, and much more!

Zia can help streamline your tasks with automated workflow suggestions that save both time and effort. For instance, it can assist in scheduling calls or meetings according to your calendar and identifying optimal times to reach out to potential prospects.

Zia uses self-learning algorithms to make recommendations based on behavioral data points to increase engagement and enhance customer experience. You can also utilize its generative capabilities to streamline analytics work by quickly finding public datasets, formulating SQL queries, creating formulas quickly, or suggesting table column names with synonym suggestions.

2. Jasper

Jasper is an AI writing software with many great features that makes content creation quick and simple. With its friendly user interface and strong community support, it has proven its worth time after time.

Jasper leverages rules and models developed by world-class copywriters and conversion experts in order to produce high-quality, engaging content. Furthermore, the tool offers various templates which can assist with various forms of writing tasks.

Jasper offers three subscription plans - Creator for $39/month, Teams with customizable user access levels, and Business with priority support. In addition to these subscription plans, Jasper features an SEO mode to boost search engine optimization of content as well as customise tone of voice and keywords to reach specific target audiences.

3. Customer Journey Builder

Salesforce's Customer Journey Builder is an innovative real-time customer analytics platform, featuring dynamic real-time voice of customer analytics capabilities and supporting scalable automation and personalization to enable marketers to meet business KPIs such as quickly converting targeted customers via multichannel campaigns.

With this tool, marketers can use an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to easily construct customer journey maps. Furthermore, cross-functional projects such as agile or sprint planning sessions, roadmap reviews or retro sessions can also be completed collaboratively using this solution.

Email, SMS, push and ads can all be managed through this platform, while Sales and Service Cloud activities can be seamlessly connected - saving users from manually feeding information into another platform. Finally, Decision and Engagement Splits enable brands to tailor journey content according to predetermined rules - also tracking journey performance with real-time data and predictive intelligence capabilities.

4. Phrasee

Phrasee is an AI content and optimization platform designed for marketers. Featuring predictive analytics, machine learning, and natural language generation capabilities, Phrasee helps marketers increase loyalty, engagement and return on investment by creating on-brand and high-performing marketing messages at scale.

Solution features include a self-service UI that enables marketers to test, optimize and personalize every message at scale using multi-step workflows and out of the box integrations. Furthermore, data-backed message optimization enables marketers to better understand what works (and doesn't) through automated language insights and performance reporting.

Phrasee X offers real-time language personalization and optimization at the click of a button, helping brands engage and convert customers with on-brand language in email subject lines, push notifications and chatbots - such as Domino's Pizza, Currys Restaurants, and Walgreens. Customers include Dominos Pizza, Currys Restaurants and Walgreens among many more.

5. Crystal Knows

Crystal is a Chrome extension tool that uses publicly available data to help you better communicate with different individuals. It enables you to develop personality playbooks for calls, meetings, demos and emails in order to maximize effectiveness as well as detect sarcasm or any other forms of figurative language in emails that could mishandle prospects and coworkers.

The company prides itself on working at the intersection of psychology, technology and communication. Their AI personality detection tool utilizes DISC profiling - four distinct behavioral traits such as Dominance, Influence (I), Steadiness and Conscientiousness are studied - to detect personality flaws.

Accuracy claims for this product are high compared to others in its category, employing IP monitoring, timed tests and full-screen mode detection to ensure only intended candidates take part. It offers customer support via email as well as regular blog updates with informative articles.

6. Google Search Console

Search Console is an essential tool for anyone working in SEO. It enables users to check their website's health, identify new opportunities and enhance organic growth.

This tool offers numerous features and capabilities that make it an invaluable asset to business owners and marketers. These include being able to easily sort data based on metrics and compare period-over-period to determine which strategies are working well.

Search Console's Performance report provides useful data that can assist in optimizing content and increasing search engine rankings, leading to an increase in visitors and conversions. Reach out to Radd Interactive now to discover how this tool combined with professional SEO can help your business expand!

7. Phrasee Marketing Automation

Phrasee is an AI marketing tool designed to improve brand language, using natural language generation and machine learning to produce human-sounding marketing copy for emails, social media (Facebook and Instagram) posts, push notifications and sentiment analysis on an individual level allowing marketers to automate messaging strategies with greater ease and optimize messaging effectiveness.

AI-powered marketing tools enable businesses to easily generate marketing and sales copy with just the click of a button - an effective way to build loyalty with customers while communicating more efficiently. They also offer valuable marketing and sales insights so businesses can make faster, informed decisions faster. Its generative AI content engine has been refined through years of data experiments to produce creative that aligns with brand standards while its performance analytics help track messaging over time to optimize for engagement, conversions and customer lifetime value.

8. HubSpot Marketing Automation

HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM (customer relationship management) and marketing automation platform designed to maximize inbound marketing strategies. The product contains CMS, Sales Hub and Service Hub to coordinate marketing and sales efforts while overseeing all stages of the customer lifecycle.

User interface of CRM-automation software is intuitively simple for beginners. Furthermore, its free package contains basic features suitable for companies seeking to implement CRM and automation technologies.

The software offers advanced attribution measures and reports that show the direct impact of your marketing efforts on revenue, as well as workflow automation capabilities such as email follow-ups with delays, triggers and dependencies. Unfortunately, in-app or SMS communications cannot be automated via this tool; alternatively you may use Zapier instead. Finally, since this software caters more towards high touch businesses such as agencies and service businesses than individual consumers it does not include flow templates for churn, onboarding and retention.

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics, powered by advanced AI algorithms, is the quintessential tool for modern businesses wanting to delve deeper into their data. This digital tool isn’t just a repository of numerical statistics; it’s a powerhouse that provides insights into your customer’s behavior, guiding you to make strategic decisions with a laser focus.

With Google Analytics, you’re able to dissect your audience down to their most fundamental behaviors, understanding where they’re coming from, what’s catching their attention, and which elements are prompting them to stay or leave. It’s like having a digital magnifying glass, zeroing in on what works and what doesn’t for your website and marketing campaigns.

Moreover, Google Analytics’ AI-powered predictive analytics feature is a game-changer. It keeps your fingers on the pulse of your business, identifying patterns and trends that would be impossible to spot otherwise. This tool can forecast future behaviors based on past data, allowing you to stay one step ahead and make proactive decisions.

10. Conclusion

In the grand scheme of things, the transformative effect AI has on businesses cannot be overstated. AI tools, whether for analytics, content creation, customer relationship management, or marketing automation, continue to redefine how businesses operate, offering improved efficiency, heightened productivity, and more impactful strategies.

Yet, remember that each business is unique, with specific needs and goals. It’s crucial to identify which tools align with your objectives, and which offer the features you require. For a comprehensive exploration of over 1400 AI tools, visit Find the tool that fits like a glove, and let AI usher your business into a new era of success.