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The tool at hand is an advanced image editing software that offers users a wide range of capabilities to enhance, modify, and manipulate images. With its intuitive masking feature, users can easily edit specific areas of an image while leaving the rest untouched. Additionally, the tool provides image generation capabilities, allowing users to create new images from scratch.

One of the key features of this tool is its masking capabilities. Masking refers to the process of selecting specific areas of an image to apply edits or filters to. This tool offers an intuitive masking interface, making it easy for users to select and modify specific parts of an image. Whether it's adjusting the brightness, contrast, or saturation of a specific object in a photograph or applying filters to specific areas, this tool allows for precise and seamless editing.

Furthermore, this tool also offers image generation functionalities. Users can create new images from scratch using a variety of tools and features provided by the software. From basic shapes and lines to more complex designs, users have the flexibility to bring their creative ideas to life. Whether it's designing a logo, creating digital artwork, or generating visual content for presentations, this tool provides endless possibilities for image generation.

The software also offers a range of editing features to enhance the overall quality of images. Users can adjust colors, sharpness, and exposure levels to achieve the desired visual effect. Additionally, the tool provides various filters and effects that can be applied to images to create unique and artistic results.

In conclusion, this image editing software offers a powerful set of tools to enhance, modify, and generate images. With its intuitive masking capabilities, users can easily edit specific areas of an image while leaving the rest untouched. Furthermore, the image generation features allow users to create new images from scratch, providing endless possibilities for creativity. Whether it's adjusting colors, applying filters, or generating visual content, this tool empowers users to elevate their image editing skills.

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