EssayGrader is one of the best AI tools available today for educators and students alike. This advanced AI grading instrument is designed to help teachers accelerate their evaluation process while providing comprehensive feedback reports that are based on rubrics, grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

The free AI tool also comes equipped with a summarizer function that can quickly deliver a succinct summary of an essay, saving educators valuable time and effort. The summarizer function is particularly useful for teachers who have to grade multiple essays in a short amount of time.

In addition to the existing features, is currently developing an AI detection tool that will allow educators to determine whether an essay was entirely written by AI or if only certain sections were generated by AI. This feature will help teachers identify potential plagiarism and ensure that students are submitting original work.

Overall, is one of the best AI tools available for educators who want to streamline their grading process and provide comprehensive feedback to their students. With its advanced features and free access, it's a valuable resource for teachers and students alike.

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