If you're looking for a search engine that prioritizes your privacy and doesn't bombard you with ads, Neeva is the perfect solution. This innovative search engine and browser allows you to search the web and your personal accounts, set preferences for news and shopping, and use Neeva on multiple devices. And the best part? Neeva doesn't share your data with anyone else, ensuring complete privacy and security.

Neeva offers two plans: a free Basic membership and a paid Premium membership. With the Basic plan, you can enjoy all the features Neeva has to offer without paying a dime. However, if you want to take your privacy and security to the next level, the Premium plan is the way to go. With unlimited searches and extra privacy tools like a Password Manager and VPN, the Premium plan gives you complete control over your online experience.

One of the best things about Neeva is that it works on both iOS and Android devices, making it incredibly versatile and easy to use. And if you prefer using a different browser, you can simply download the Neeva browser extension and enjoy all the benefits of Neeva without having to switch to a new browser.

If you're looking for the best AI tools to help you with your online searches, Neeva is definitely worth checking out. With its advanced search algorithms and cutting-edge technology, Neeva makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for, all while keeping your data safe and secure. So why wait? Sign up for Neeva today and experience the future of online search!

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