Artificial intelligence (AI) has been changing the way businesses operate. With AI tools, it has become possible to automate various tasks, including customer service. Wisebot is one of the best AI tools available today that enables users to create AI chatbots using their content, such as text, audio, and video materials.

The best part about Wisebot is that these chatbots can be tailored to match the user's brand and can be embedded on their website or integrated with popular messaging platforms. This means that businesses can provide 24/7 customer support without having to hire additional staff. The chatbot can answer common questions, provide quick and precise responses with references, and even ask follow-up questions.

Wisebot also offers multilingual support, ensuring that businesses can cater to customers from different parts of the world. Additionally, Wisebot is GDPR compliant, which means that it adheres to the data protection regulations set by the European Union. This is important for businesses that operate in Europe or have customers from Europe.

Another great feature of Wisebot is its improved security. With the rise of cyber-attacks, businesses need to ensure that their customer data is safe. Wisebot has implemented various security measures to ensure that customer data is safe from hackers.

Wisebot offers tiered pricing depending on the number of chatbots needed. The pricing is affordable, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Wisebot also includes add-ons like data preparation and chatbot integration, which can help businesses get the most out of their chatbots.

Wisebot caters to a wide range of industries, including businesses, content creators, institutions, and government agencies. The AI tool has been well-received, with many businesses reporting increased efficiency and customer satisfaction after implementing Wisebot.

In conclusion, Wisebot is one of the best free AI tools available today for businesses looking to automate their customer service. Its features, including 24/7 availability, quick and precise responses, multilingual support, GDPR compliance

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